La función hepática através del espectro clinico de la hanseniasis


  • Ana Pacin IFAC, Departamento de Política Científica y Tecnológica, Universidad Nacional de Luján, Luján, Argentina. - Sanatorio Nacional Baldomero Sommer, General Rodriguez, Argentina.
  • Enrique L. Fliess IFAC, Departamento de Política Científica y Tecnológica, Universidad Nacional de Luján, Luján, Argentina.
  • Berta E Llorente IFAC, Departamento de Política Científica y Tecnológica, Universidad Nacional de Luján, Luján, Argentina.



Hanseniasis, Actividad enzimática, Pruebas de función hepática


The liver function was studied in 100 hanseniasis patients. They were classified in the following 10 groups: quiescent LL (20 patients), quiescent BL (13 patients), quiescent BB (7 patients), quiescent BT (9 patients), quiescent TT (12 patients), reactional LL (12 patients), reactional BL (10 patients), reactional BB (7 patients) 4 reactional BT (5 patients), reactional TT (5 patients); a comparison was made with a control group (10 healthy individuals). It was found a hyperproteinemia with high levels of globulin and normal levels of albumin in the serum of all clinical forms, and a typical pattern of "light damage hepatic cells" with raised in the enzymatic activity of GOT, GPT and alkaline phosphatase with no changes in turbidity tests and bilirrubinemia, in all reactional patients. The physiopathology of this problem and the types III and IV hypersensitivity phenomena are discussed.


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